Romantic Petname Generator
Find a new cutesy name for your lover.
Pirate Insult Generator
Insult your scurvy crew.
Love Letter Writer
Use our Love Letter Generator to write a romantic letter to your love.
Sci-Fi Insult Generator
Know someone that reminds you of a monster from another planet? Find insults for them here.
Cats are very opinionated animals. Find out what they think of any subject you care to try.
Ex-Lover Insult Generator
Find new terms of endearment for your ex.
Badger Kingdom
Our popular online game. Can you help the badgers survive?
Catchphrase Generator
Generate a random catchphrase or slogan.
Green Insult Generator
Generate a random environmentally friendly insult.
Leaving Card Message Generator
Generate a random message to put on your co-workers leaving card.
Writers Exercise Generator
Get your writing project started with a warm up.
Writers Idea Generator
Need a great idea for your next Hollywood block-buster?
Writers Blank Page Eliminator
Can't get past the first line?
Writers Plot Twist Generator
Put a twist in your plot.
Writers Character Names
Create excellent names for your characters.
Writers Character Profiles
Create a short biography for your character.
10 tips for writers
Useful rules and information for fiction writers.
Writers First Line Generator
Get your story started with an attention grabbing opening sentence.
Writers Location Creator
Create an interesting location to set your scene.
Writers Bookshelf
A selection of writing books available to purchase.
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Funstuff is pantomimepony's microsite and meme domain. Here you will find a range of automatically created insults, phrases and ideas. At the moment Funstuff is divided into two parts: Writer's Den and the rest. Writer's Den is content and tools aimed at storytellers and authors. The rest are the novelty sites for romantics, eco-warriors, sci-fi fans and pirates. More sites are planned so comeback soon to see what's new.